Ready to be challenged

As I sit here at my desk typing away on my computer in an all too familiar house, I try to imagine myself at this exact time next week. What will I be doing? Where will I be? What will it look like? Considering the 7-hour time difference, I’ll likely be fast asleep, but that [...]

The Power of Listening

Just one week from today I leave to work with Amurtel Greece, an organization in Athens, Greece that provides supportive services to refugee mothers and infants living in the camps throughout the city. But first a little background on what I’m currently up to before I jump into the details of my summer project (I’ll [...]

Eat, Associate, and Stay Busy

Hi all, So this week, I have finally managed to start my work. In Malawi, things can be very very very slow, which sometimes makes me frustrated. Fortunately, however, so far I have had a very smooth journey. I managed to meet the Head of District Ministry of Education in Zomba and officially received his [...]

In the warm heart of Africa, Malawi

After 3 days of domestic and international travel including 3 stop-overs, I have finally arrived in Malawi safely. Malawi’s weather is gorgeous, not hot not cold. Just nice. As some of you already know I came to Malawi around this time last year. Since then it seems that things have rarely changed except that my immigration [...]