Summer’s (Almost) Over Interlude

Summer’s (Almost) Over Interlude

Y’all are gonna love this. In my couple years of experience volunteering for SeriousFun, I have never had a seriously challenging cabin. I have had campers who were too cool for school, made negative or inappropriate comments, or had more energy than should be possible for human beings to possess. Despite that, my team and … Continue reading

Farewell India (for now)

The last week has been a roller coaster of travel, goodbyes, and readjusting to home in Florida… Spent the last week of my internship finishing up documenting the work I had done for the next Organic Farming intern to continue. In the last few days I had to work on the greenhouse, there was a … Continue reading

It’s already over?!

Hello! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to post, but I didn’t realize that internet censorship was so completely serious in China, which is where I am right now. The last week has been a complete blur, and it still hasn’t set in that I am no longer in Cambodia :( Last week’s field … Continue reading

10 Days…

With only 10 days left I’ve been busy making lists of things I want to do and see before I leave and have been feeling an increased sense of urgency to savor my time here. In preparation for blog writing I decided to take a quick peruse of Facebook and stumbled across pictures of an … Continue reading

Odds You’ll Love The Painted Turtle? 10/10

Odds You’ll Love The Painted Turtle? 10/10

Recapping on my adventure so far, I’m realizing just how exhausted I am from traveling. As incredible as seeing different corners of the country has been, knowing I would be packing up every two weeks to board another plane has been a constant nag at the back of my mind. To be completely honest, I … Continue reading

Up North Cont’d

Rain & Surveys The rainy season up north is later than the rainy season in southern Ghana, so our week there was smack in the middle of it – and we got poured on. Since the One Day Workshops happen outside, we had to postpone some of the programs and had a “rain day” of … Continue reading

Pushing Forward

Namaste! I realize my post from last weekend never went through- too many people for one wifi router right now. Over the past couple weeks, I have been gathering more materials for the greenhouse, working with other interns on their projects, and preparing a workshop/presentation about my organization and organic farming. I’ve also been working … Continue reading

Fun “facts” about Phnom Penh

I am behind by a couple of posts, so I thought this would be a fun way to catch up without boring people with my day-to-day activities. Next make-up post will be more planning/government related fun “facts.” Everyone takes condensed milk with their coffee here. A LOT of condensed milk. Often more condensed milk than … Continue reading

The cutest ugly animal

Hello! It’s been quite a week (or so?). I’ve had food poisoning, fainted, scalded my hand with boiling water, and more! I am doing perfectly fine — just dealing with the little hiccups here and there. Definitely back on track at this point and in tip-top shape (as tip-top as before, at least). Work at … Continue reading

Up North

This past week, in a nutshell, included seeing the King of the Ashanti Region, watching a professional football/soccer match (live), traveling ALL the way up north, using M&E materials at a One Day Workshop and going on a glorious bike ride. Details below: The King To split up the journey, Brad and I decided to … Continue reading