Charades and Google Translate

Over a month has gone by and still I have endless questions. Yet, they’re certainly different questions from when I started, or even before I came. I started out with no clear idea of exactly what different cultures I would encounter in my time here. With women coming from many different countries and backgrounds, I [...]


Exploring Identity

Every day here brings new interactions. As women come in and I register them I go through the basic questions. Where are you from? How long have you been in Greece? How old are you? How many children do you have? Where are you living? And on and on. As I go through this process [...]

Next Steps

First of all, thank you Moellership for this opportunity. This has to have been the most formative experience of my undergraduate career. I learned more in two months of working in Guatemala than in a whole year of college. I learned about working with non-profits, about a culture with a different experience of reality, about [...]

Worlds Apart

Eid Mubarak! Sunday evening marked the end of Ramadan, and with it the end of a slow period at Amurtel. We’ve had a lot of women coming in that past few weeks, but apparently not nearly as many as we normally see. Some of the translators have told me that because of Ramadan and fasting, [...]

Making progress on my learning objectives

My Routine  My days normally begin around 7:30 am when I wake up (since I adjusted to the time difference here, I have been getting up rather early.) I then spend the next 2 hours or so relaxing, exercising and eating breakfast. Around 10:00 am, I head into the office to start work. I spend [...]

Debriefing Moellership project results

Hi everybody, I am now back in Lilongwe from Zomba. Despite the nationwide teacher strike and the usual challenges working in a remote, rural village (e.g. limited access to internet, transportation, and even food etc), I implemented my Moellership project somewhat successfully with great support of Save the Children and numerous teachers and parents in [...]